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World CUp Tickets in Low Demand

South Africa 2010 may be about to make more history. But not in a fashion that will please FIFA which has been forced to admit that, with just 11 weeks to go before the big kick-off on June 11, this is the first modern World Cup that has not completely sold out.
World Cup ticket

Of the 2.95 million tickets on offer, 650,000 still remain unspoken for, with 330,000 unsold among the 570,000 allocated to competing nations - worrying at 58%. Germany 2006, in contrast, received 15 million applications for just 3.4 million seats.

According to the Daily Mirror, England, expected to be among the best supported teams at the finals, have sent back 1,000 of the 29,000 allocated to the Football Association, who needed a three-month extension to sell that many. The heavy costs of flights and accomodation, security fears and the logistical problems of getting around a vast country with a limited infrastructure with competing teams not based in individual cities have been used as reasons for the mass stay-away.

FIFA, mounting a big push of sales until hosts South Africa play Mexico on the opening day, has released a statement: "Ticketing centres in host cities will now be open for sales until July 11, the day of the final, plus the call centre. There will be also mobile sales units." -- espn.com

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