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Most World Cup 2010 Tickets sold in USA

As of the third ticketing phase, managed by FIFA, 2.1 million tickets had been sold for the event and of that number 107,576 had gone to America and England were second highest with 63,835 tickets sold.

Coming in third was Germany with 29,733, closely followed by Australia with 26,488 tickets sold.

The fourth phase of the ticketing process began on February 9th and ends on April 7th and prior to this phase opening, 311,271 tickets were still available for sale to the general public. If you haven't yet got one, but in tend on travelling, you should order quickly.

At the moment, 194,349 tickets have been confirmed which leaves 116,922 available. You do not want to be buying tickets from a tout at hugely high prices, just because you left it too late.

More tickets will become available for previously sold out matches as and when FIFA get back allocations set aside for specific organisations, but there are no guarantees you will get one of these if you haven't entered the 'random selection draw sales phase' which closes on on 31st March 2010.

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