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Looking for World Cup Tickets

If you have not yet had success in obtaining world cup tickets via the FIFA website but are determined to get your hands on some tickets for a World Cup match in South Africa next year, our message to you, is be careful and keep trying at FIFA.

It was reported in September that up to 100 websites were selling tickets that don´t exist and as the event gets closer more and more of these websites are going to appear with the same promise of tickets for matches you thought impossible to get.

So, our message to be careful is an important one. Some of these websites will look very much like they have the tickets or that they are authorised to sell tickets and they might even advertise this fact - it doesn´t mean that they are or that they can.

Where to buy tickets?
Your first port of call should be the FIFA website. Phase three of the ticketing process has begun and it closes on January 22nd. After that, you only have two more phases to get tickets through FIFA and this will be the cheapest and most effective way for individual tickets.

Tour operators selling World Cup tickets
FIFA have also approved a large number of tour operators all over the world to sell tickets as part of a package. If you are looking for travel and accommodation with a ticket there are a number of companies that can arrange this for you.

Fortunately, FIFA have also created a list of approved tour operators and you can view that list here. If you want to be confident that you are buying a ticket from an approved supplier then you must check this list. If they are not listed they are not approved - check the list first!

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