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Health Tips and Insurance Travel in SOuth Africa fot You

Some good tips from SelfTour :


* It is always a good idea to take out medical insurance with your travel agent when you buy your tickets.

* Vaccinations and other medical precautions are needed for travel to some countries, and advise is easily obtained through your doctor or chemist. Have them well before your departure, to allow time for recovery from any side effects.

* If you are on a prescription or if you take a specific medicine, take enough away with you, as you may not be able to get replacements.  Carry your medical prescription clearly stating what medication you are taking just in case you have to purchase more during your summer holiday vacation.  In this day of illegal drugs it is wise to carry them in the manufactures box/container so if stopped by a customs official he can clearly see the name and know that these are not illegal drugs.

* Always carry a doctor’s certificate for any prescribed drugs so you don't have any problems at customs.

* If you have prescription spectacles, carry a copy of the prescription for easy replacement should you lose or break them.

* Kruger Park and Namibia are Malaria areas - ask your family chemist for the right anti malaria pills for your country of destination. Remember to start 2 weeks before you depart and continue 2 weeks after returning home. We do not recommend ‘Larium’ as there have been many reports of adverse side effect.  Small babies must not be taken into Malaria areas.

*Always carry a few basic items from Elastoplasts, head ache pills, & something for upset tummies.

* A word of caution on drinking water – The tap water all over South Africa is normally perfectly safe but if you are not acclimatised to it or have a sensitive tummy you could spend a great deal of your holiday in various bathrooms. This warning also covers ice in your drinks and rinsing ones mouth after brushing your teeth. All the international canned drinks are available as well as various bottled spring waters. What has become very popular are the flavoured spring waters and they have the added advantage of a screw-on cap so they can be saved for later without leaking – very refreshing


As you are probably aware, health insurance is an integral part of your travel package, and should be purchased at the same time as you purchase your travel tickets. 
Your existing house hold insurance policy may well have All Risks cover which is international cover and where you can specify various important & expensive items – jewellery, cameras etc. Strongly recommend you phone your insurance agent beforehand and ask him how much cover you have under the All Risks section for overseas travel.

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