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Homeless Have To Move Out

Over 1,000 homeless South Africans have been moved out of Johannesburg and Cape Town to hide the scale of poverty from World Cup fans travelling to South Africa ahead of the World Cup, it is claims.

More than 800 tramps, beggars and street children have already been removed from Johannesburg and sent to remote settlements hundreds of miles away and in Cape Town, up to 300 have been moved to Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area where 1,450 families are crammed into a camp designed for just 650 people.

The moves have happened in Cape Town and Johannesburg but it is believed that other host cities are also drawing up plans to tidy the streets. Johannesburg councillor Sipho Masigo confirmed it was a big problem but likened the actions to cleaning your house before you have guests.

Campaigners however are not happy and have slammed the policy as a sham and a temporary solution.

Warren Whitfield, Addiction Action
It's a cosmetic fix to create an impression of South Africa for football fans which is not real. We have huge problems with homelessness and that is what the world should see.

Homelessness is an issue faced by South Africa and while this might just be the first move to try and help and the streets of South Africa might be free of this terrible reality when the World Cup is on, the fear is it wont be long until it returns.

source : worldcup2010

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