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Book Hotel Early Tp Get Cheap Prices

Supporters travelling to South Africa later this year may be make alternative to use camp sites to the ever increasing price for a ever decreasing number of hotel rooms in the country.

Independent hotels are increasing their prices,one was cheap now is expensive, in some cases, every day and what you might get told today could change tomorrow. It is all about supply and demand and nobody can really be blamed. The message is, book early to avoid disappointment and get your rooms at a cheaper price.

If you don't book your hotels, there is every chance you will find yourself looking for a camp site and you probably won't be disappointed as they are getting built.

One is getting built in Johannesburg and will offer beds at £27 a night during the World Cup and there will likely be ones set up in all host cities.

The site in Johannesburg will be in the city's Waverley Park and hold up to 1,480 campers but supporters opting for the budget sleeping option are being warned to wrap up as night temperatures fall to freezing point in the middle of South Africa's winter.

Tent City boss Barry Mackay said: "We have heard from hundreds of fans who feel some of the hotel prices are just too high. Our tents are a cheaper alternative for fans."

"The idea is to get people from all countries together on one site during the event, which will really boost camaraderie," he said.

"We are warning fans that it will get chilly here in the winter. But we'll supply proper beds and bedding with blankets so they should be able to keep warm," Mackay added.

The message is, book your hotel early. If you don't, you will only have yourself to blame and you'll also need to be bringing a sleeping bag. 

source : worldcup2010

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